IATA Air Ticketing Courses

Diploma in Air Ticketing, Travel and Tourism Industry,

IATA Air Ticketing Courses

Diploma in Air Ticketing Course This training program offers an all-round introduction for newcomers to Travel and Tourism Industry. The course covers all the different areas of skills involved and uses real examples to make learning fun, practical and realistic. It also covers understand IATA terms & definitions, Know IATA areas, be able to select and construct fares using the mileage system.The students will be able to know baggage allowances, taxes, fees, charges and be able to interpret air travel documentation.Airline ticketing professionals cater to the needs of the increasingly mobile population of the globe. There are excellent career prospects in Air Ticketing in Pakistan.However, to excel in this field, training must be taken from reputed institutes. Successful completion of Airline Ticketing courses enables a person get into jobs which concern booking and confirming reservation for passengers on scheduled flights.This Diploma program provides the essential skills and qualifications required when working in today’s travel industry.Inspire Institute of Technologies Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is affiliated with RCCI, SECP, SDA, TTB, TTPC, SDC & PSSC Government of Pakistan. Diploma in Air Ticketing Course Contents: 1:How to use the software 2:GDS format 3:Governing carrier/fare selection criteria 4:Currency rounding rules 5:Class of service codes 6:Fare basis codes 7:The three general limitations on indirect travel 8:Global indicators 9:Journey global indicators 10:Iata areas 11:Iata fare formula 12:Minimum fare rule checks 13:Descriptive table for linear fare calculation 14:Fare determination flow chart 15:Fare construction worksheet 16:World map 17:Regional maps 18:Analyzing Itineraries ******For Registration & Information****** Please Call: 03335671497, 03315999937 ​Whatsapp: 03335671497

Address: 204, Second Floor, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Murree Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan. Phone Head Office: 0331-5999937 / 0333-5671497 / 0321-5056755 / 051-4852895 Email: info@iitpakistan.com.pk

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Office # 204, Second Floor, Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Murree Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan
Contact Number:
0331-5999937 / 0333-5671497 / 0321-5056755 / 051-4852895


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